Bengaluru Needs You is a citizen movement led by Prof. M.V. Rajeev Gowda to constructively involve and empower citizens, and engage with civic authorities to bring about positive transformation in Bengaluru. Our focus areas are: Youth, Women and City.


Our charter

Youth To sensitize, empower and enable the youth of Bengaluru to be local change agents, and provide them with a platform and support networks to nurture their ideas and solutions for change.

Women To create women leaders and make Bangalore city more gender-sensitive, safe and friendly for women.

City To work towards environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive and community-driven growth and development of Bangalore city.

Our strategy

To create awareness and engage citizens through campaigns and immersive learning programs; demonstrate impact through participatory local action; promote innovation and technology-driven social change; and achieve large-scale impact through policy advocacy.

Community Mapping Activity organized by the Bengaluru Needs You team

Studio Chaape

Studio Chaape is the spacious, adaptive, and high energy workspace for our multi-disciplinary team. Our team includes architects, journalists, engineers, urban planners, development and policy researchers. Here, we explore, imagine, create and collaborate. It is a stimulating hub which welcomes all those with disruptive ideas for social innovation.


Legal Status

‘Bengaluru Needs You’ is a citizen’s movement nested under the registered entity ‘Resurgent India Trust’, which is a Public, Educational, Social and Charitable Trust. Resurgent India has received a 12A certification and exemption under Section 80-G and of Income Tax Act, 1961, and is eligible for tax deductible donations under the same.


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