Participatory Urban Planning and Sustainable Urban Design

Hebbal Junction Transformation


The team interacting with traffic police at Hebbal Junction

Hebbal Junction, once the northern most point of Bangalore now suffers from several problems, primarily in the field of urban mobility. Dubbed as ‘Greater Bangalore’, this junction is an important link to the Kempegowda International Airport at Devanahalli. Currently the flyover records a daily passenger car unit (PCU) of about 1.4 lakh which is projected to cross the 2 lakh figure in a year. The urban design team from Bengaluru Needs You took upon itself the task of analysing the area and is presently trying to address the problems of the people who reside there as well as the vast number of people who commute there everyday.  All studies and proposals were carried out by urban action internship students, architects and development planners under the banner of Bengaluru Needs You.

Model of the Hebbal junction

Model of the Hebbal junction created by the BNY team


Showcasing the intervention proposed by Bengaluru Needs You


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