We at Bengaluru Needs You are a team of young professionals who believe that students and youth participating in political and civic activities stand to gain immense exposure and experience in stimulating change. We organize a series of events at our Studio Chaape and invite students and youth to involve in engaging dialogue on different issues that afflict our city and surroundings. For instance, students interacted with politicians such as Nandan Nilekani who threw light on the real workings of the political party; had discussions on constitutional rights with lawyers such as Harish Narasappa, interacted with Professors from International Universities such as Prof. Gadi Aravi from Tel Aviv, Israel, had eye-opening discussions with Ullas Karanth about tiger conservation and degrading urban biodiversity and picked the brains of social entrepreneurs like Kuldeep Dantewadia, CEO and Co-founder of Reap Benefit etc.

Inspired students engaging in an engrossing session at Studion Chaape

Students engrossed in a session at Studio Chaape

We organize citizen meetings to discuss important developments and happenings in the city, such as discussions after documentary screenings, election results, suggestions for lake improvement, community mapping exercises etc, in all of which youth play a significant role. During weekends, we have the Weekend Warriors program that brings together young people from across the city to engage in women safety audits, clean-up drives, recces for clean-ups etc.

Urban Action interns at Studio Chaape

We also conduct formal, organised internships for students and call for applications from different colleges and universities. We have also had many school students undertaking the internships. Some of these are: the Political Action Internship (April 2013), Civic Action Internship (October 2013) and Urban Action Internship (January 2014), Political Action Internship II (April and May 2014), Environmental Action Internship (July 2014). See Internships tab for more details.

Political Action Interns interacting with Bangalore Central candidates for Lok Sabha elections on a television show

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