Our Work


At Bengaluru Needs You we have worked on several issues such as garbage, urban planning, women safety, education, healthcare, infrastructure and design issues in the city. We have conducted Civic Action, Political Action, Environmental Action and Urban Action internships. The internships serve as a platform for youth to study the city and its issues and come up with possible solutions based on case studies, field visits, brainstorming and policy research. Over 250 students and young professionals have engaged in these 5 action oriented internships. We also consult local officials and elected representatives, present our solutions to them and push for implementation of collaborative solutions.

Swalpa Clean-up Maadi

With the aim of removing Bengaluru’s ‘Garbage City’ tag, Bengaluru Needs You has an initiative called ‘Swalpa Clean-up Maadi’. Under this community-driven initiative, we have partnered with ‘The Ugly Indian’ volunteers to identify and clear garbage black-spots within the city. A recce is done on the blackspots and the timing, quantity of garbage and the major stakeholders are identified before the cleanup. After the cleanup, the site is redesigned and beautified. As a result, fourteen garbage black-spots have been cleared and beautified in various areas within the city.

Participatory Urban Planning and Sustainable Urban Design

Bengaluru Needs You also works in various wards within the city on civic issues. This involves field work for data collection, compilation and analysis at our Studio Chaape. Possible solutions to these issues are prepared by discussions, brainstorming and policy research and are presented to policy makers and elected representatives. The Urban Design team at Bengaluru Needs You works on key design issues in the city. Currently we are working on redesigning the space under Hebbal flyover and making the area pedestrian friendly. We are also working at the Tin Factory junction in K.R. Puram to come up with solutions to ease the traffic congestion here. So far over 500 local community members have engaged with neighborhood issues through participatory mapping and over 350 women’s safety audits have been conducted across 4 pilot wards in the city.

Advocacy Campaigns 

Bengaluru Needs You also works with diverse institutions and NGOs, such as B.PAC, Praja, the Ugly Indian etc. Along with IIM-B and Praja, Bengaluru Needs You has presented a plan for suburban train for Bengaluru. The ‘Namma Railu’ plan concentrates on using the existing railway infrastructure in and around the city to provide better connectivity to regions around the city intended to reduce traffic congestion.

Organizations that Bengaluru Needs You has partnered with

Organizations that Bengaluru Needs You has partnered with

Recently, Team Bengaluru Needs You was on News9 for a discussion on all the work we’ve done till now.

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