Bengaluru needs to address The Garbage Story

Exactly one year ago, India took up a mission – to clean up every city and village, to have better sanitation and to head towards a healthier and more sustainable living. The Swach Bharat Mission’ surely has created an impact, it has made people think and has motivated people to work towards it. Even then, nothing much has changed. We still have garbage dumps lying around. We still have people who are grossly indifferent to the cause. 

Namma Bengaluru is still under the garbage crisis. It is not the right thing to point fingers at the system, but to try and work with the system to solve the problem. ‘The Garbage Story’ shows how each one of us could make a difference at the individual as well as the community level. Let’s clean up our very own garden city, Bengaluru. 

The Garbage Story traces the journey of garbage and documents the indifferent casual attitude of public towards this issue. They know that they are wrong yet they fail to act with sensitivity where sanitation and garbage crises is involved. 

Blaming is the government will lead us to nowhere. Hence, we met up with social enterprises like Daily Dump in Bengaluru, who assist residents with composting at home. The impact, they have saved closed to 14,500 kgs of organic waste from landing at landfills everyday. We also met Sobha Althea residential complex and learnt ways to effectively apply waste management system in our everyday life. Whether we live in villas, gated community or apartments. Reduction of waste at source is possible.

Lastly, we also highlight street cleaning activity which is a temporary solution to this crises, unless residents and local corporator become stakeholders in this much needed activity.

To further this citizen initiative and gear up more Residents to make waste management a daily habit, I request you to please watch the video and spread the word. 

Lets join hands to solve the #GarbageCrises in Namma Bengaluru. 

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